Our family

Willing-Allebes family

Father (Willem Willing) and mother (Hubertha Bernardine (Bep) Allebes) were married in 1922, father was jewish by origin and mother was not.


Bride and groom on their honeymoon in Germany, may 1922.

Willem and Bep were blessed with two daughters. 

In 1923 Hubertha Bernardina was born, and in 1925 I was born, Willy. A happy family until our mother fell ill, she got an ear infection which turned into meningitis. After four days she died in the Academic Hospital in Utrecht. After a difficult and sad period my father decided to re-marry.







Willem married Margot Schulman, she was a widow and had a 14 year old daughter, her late-husband mr. van Rood had died in a train crash near the town of Weesp in 1925. She was the daughter of the painter Lion Schulman and Anna Frank from Hilversum.

We also gained an older sister, Wilhelmina (hense we were called old Wil and young Wil). During the nazi occupation this all-jewish marriage proved to have terrible consequences. (see 1 of the 70)

Willem and Margot Willing - Schulman













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