Knoek Family

Knoek Family

During the period that we lived on Plantsoen West Nr. 13 in Amersfoort, we became acquainted with the Knoek family. Father met mr. Knoek when he came to seek information from the Amersfoortsch Dagblad regarding his plans to establish himself in Amersfoort.

Al heel gauw zeiden wij oom Nol tegen mijnheer Knoek, en leerden wij de hele familie kennen. Oom Nol had een schoenfabriek in Spakenburg en de familie verhuisde daarom van den Haag naar Amersfoort. Hun zoon Max kwam geregeld bij ons en toen de hele familie in de Groen van Prinsterenlaan kwam te wonen gingen wij daar graag op bezoek.

Soon after we called Mr. Knoek 'Uncle Nol', and we got to know the whole family very well. Uncle Nol had a shoefactory in the town of Spakenburg and therefore the family moved from The Hague to Amersfoort Their son Max visited us regularly and when the whole family came to live in the Groen van Prinsterenlaa, we visited there regularely too.

Willy en StannieA house became for rent on the B.W.laan and my parents wanted to live there, so we came to live closer to th Knoek family.

Their daughter Martje (Martha) lived in The Hague and was engaged to Kees van Willigen, who had left to the Dutch Indies and Martje would soon follow. The youngest daughter Stannie (Constance) joined us at the Girls High School in the class of my sister Bep and that contributed to close ties between our families. I was in a one year lower grade.

Martje married "by proxy" so you would be able to travel to her husband in the Dutch Indies; there was a big party, I could help (because I liked to cook) and the sister of Uncle Nol, Auntie Mina was always so kind to me and she liked to have a helper in the kitchen. Unfortunately the war came closer with all the laws of the occupier, and since we were all of Jewish descent, our friendship became even closer.

trouwfoto familie KnoekSince I had to leave the house of my parents, as not to be subject to the provisions against the Jews, I had to find housing elsewhere. Nol Uncle and Aunt Bertha were so kind to help and so it was, even for a short time, that I lived with them and so was registered at their addres.

Soon after, the family left by taxi on the way to liberation! Unfortunately ... ... the driver pocketed the money and did not drive to the Swiss border, but instead betrayed them to the Germans in Belgium. They were all gassed in Auschwitz.

Max survived the war and Martje and her husband and their son have suffered terribly under the Japanese, but remained alive and returned to the Netherlands. The miracle is that through an announcement in the magazine "Aanspraak" I have found their son.

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