1 of the 70

1 of the 70

 I was one of the "70 cases"

At the time of the war in the Netherlands there were 70 minor children who were born from a''mixed marriage''. One parent was of Jewish descent and the other of not Jewish descent.

Because of different circumstances could it be that they belong to a full-Jewish family belonged, as was the case with us. Under the German occupation golden socalled the Nuremberg laws, which included, as those children who actually "half-Jewish" were at two Jewish parents were raised, as with us so that was the case, then they were declared as full-Jewish and fell under the provisions for the Jews. The only solution was the child or children, in non Jewish citizens to accommodate.

Our stepsister, who had four Jewish grandparents, could go underground in its schoolfriend in Overijssel, my sister married Bep at age 17 with her non-Jewish friend in October 1940. For me it was only one solution, leaving the parental home and find a job where I could have been internal and my own income could earn. This allowed my father's order and that I was not well understood, but obeyed.

So I had off from school that year and could do no exam, moreover father was standing on foot fired, according to the German legal requirements, and had no income anymore. So I had my own maintenance scheduled on 15 years of age.

At that time I started to come into contact with the opposition through a boy from Soest, which I actually knew very superficial, but they forged identity papers at home.

Now I tried to get a new identity card for my father. The father of my schoolvriendin Tineke Garrel was prepared. 

 schoolpicture 1938
Tineke Garrels               Willy Willing

This way I could arrange for his indetity card to be changed, and my father would get the name Garrels. Until 21 Augustus 1943 he was able to make use of this.

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