Holocaust Memorial Day

2009-02-04 - Holocaust Memorial Day

Letters from Westerbork. On 27 January 2009 it was 64 years since Auschwitz was liberated. On that day, 'Brief uit WesterborkHolocaust Memorial Day', there was a worldwide remembrance of the 6 million murdered Jews, Sinti and Roma.

Some 102.000 came from the Netherlands. Their lasdt sign of life are kept in the archives of the Herinneringscentrum. Diary notes, letters to family members and postcards with a farewell greeting thrown from the trains.

On the eve before the Holocaust Memorial Day, on Monday 26 January 2009 some of these letters were read out by survivors and other guests at the Herinneringscentrum kamp Westerbork.

Baps van Westen Willing overleden
Hubertha Bernardina (Baps) van Westen Willing passed away on May 8th 2015 in Duncan, British Columbia, Canada....
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Kees van Westen overleden
Kees van Westen died in Panama. February 2011...
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Tentoonstelling:"Getrouw aan hun geloof"
Tentoonstelling:"Getrouw aan hun geloof"...
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Holocaust Memorial Day
Letters from Westerbork...
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Wim Vierra
In Memoriam...
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